Riser Star – Frequently Asked Questions
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These FAQs are for the guidance of international buyers only. Domestic customers may please discuss their questions on phone.

We like straight forward questions, so please do not hesitate if you have any question regarding products, ordering, delivery, mode of payments etc. We shall be very happy to explain.

Below is the list of some questions that has been answered before, so have a look at these, if you are unable to find the required information, send us an email.
 1 - How can I get detailed information about a specific Item?
You may please just select the item, note it’s Item Number (a number written in bold letter on the side of each item like: RS-100-01) and email us with your questions. It will save time if you describe its size, needed quantity and mode of dispatch (By Sea or By Air). We provide a general Price List to every interested customer.
2 - Do I need to place a large order?
You are not bound to place only large orders. If you are an individual, a salon owner or a small retailer, you can place an order with our minimum quantity limits (contact us with Item Number), which are different for each item. However, in a large quantity order you will get nice discount.
3- How can I pay for an order?
Online credit card payment service is in process. Readily, there are three reliable methods of payments for your supply order:

  1. Advance Payment (Through Bank):
    Payment can be made through any bank by Swift Money Transfer or Wire Transfer methods (Contact your Bank for further details or contact us, we'll guide you about the procedure).
    Customers can also send small amount of payments through Western Union money transfer services.
  2. Letter of credit through Bank:
    It is the safest and most common mode of payments in International Trade. It assures the security for both parties. But this procedure is little long and more complicated.
  3. By Money Transfer Services (i.e. Western Union, Money Gram etc.):
    This option is only suitable for small orders, which are going to be delivered by courier services. You can use any convenient service such as Western Union or Money Gram.
  4. Please explain to me exactly how can I make money transfer into your company's Bank?
    We will provide you with a document, by email, with our Company's Bank Account details. You may print it and take it with you to your bank for funds transfer. You simply handover the information to your bank authorities and they will deal with all the procedure. They will charge you a fee for this service. The fee amounts vary upon bank to bank.
  5. How will you know the transfer was from me in order to process my order?
    Your amount will be credited into our account with your complete Name and Address details.

4- Which mode of shipment dispatch is the best?

  1. Dispatch By Air (Regular):
    It is the most convenient way to receive the shipments, large and small. The shipment will be delivered on your pre mentioned Airport within 15 days; from there you can collect it on your own. (We can also manage to deliver the shipments at your office door steps. This way you will be free from the process of custom clearance.)
  2. Quick Dispatch By Air (Courier):
    Small orders are dispatched through Courier services, such DHL and UPS etc. Through this way, the shipment will be delivered at your door steps within 5 working days.
  3. Dispatch By Sea:
    It takes at least 30 days period for a shipment to reach at it's destination seaport. Then it goes through a process of custom clearance to finally reach you. It is a low cost option but only suitable for large quantities orders.

5 - What is your privacy policy?
We respect our customers' business privacy. We do not share or sell our customers' personal and business details to any third party.
6 - Do you hold ready stocks for quick dispatch?
We are not stockiest. Every item is manufactured on demand in required quantity. In case of regular supply orders, the manufacture time will be minimized.
7 - How much time is taken for the production on an order?
It depends on the quantity of an order. Normally production of and order takes 6 to 8 week time.
8- How much time is taken By Sea and how much time is taken by Air service?

  1. By Air:
    It takes only 15 days to reach you at your nearest Airport. You can track the movement of your shipment online with the help of your Tracking Number, provided to you on the day of dispatch.
  2. By Courier:
    DHL / UPS / Fedex, it takes only 6 working days to reach at your door steps.
  3. By Sea:
    After the dispatch from port of discharge (Karachi - Pakistan), it takes 30 to 40 days to reach at the destination seaport.

9 - If I pay advance, I would be concerned about the security of the shipment, can you insure my shipment?
We certainly can insure your shipments. In fact, all our shipments are 100% insured. The insurance charges are already included in the price lists (CIF Prices). We will provide you an Insurance Certificate.

As far as dispatch of small order by courier is concerned, it is safest mode of shipping and usually people do not consider to insure their shipments, unless it is in large volume. But if you suggest, we can insure the whole shipment.

Please don't worry about the shipping hassles and processing, it is our responsibility, we'll manage everything for you. You just rest assure that your investment is in good hands.
10 - When will I receive Invoices and Custom documents?
You will receive your Invoices and other Custom documents within 7 days after the dispatch of shipment.
11 - Before placing an order, I need to see the samples. How can I get Samples of your products?
Samples are absolutely Free for everybody, everywhere.
To receive these free samples, you are required to pay for the Courier Charges of the sample parcel (normally weigh 1 Kg box).

You can pay this amount into our company's Bank Account OR send it through Western Union money transfer services.

The amount of Courier Charges will stand 100% Refundable, in case of placing an order amounting to US$ 1000 (One Thousand) or above, according to price list. Please contact us for further details.

12 - Do you undertake Custom Orders, like, 10 pieces each of 30 or 40 different Items? It will be very helpful for us to display collection of products to our customers in an exhibition or as presentation?
Yes, it is possible for sometimes when our manufacture line is not busy OR we do manage time for supply of such Custom Orders. It takes little more time than the normal manufacture time because every stage of production, like; Forging, Hammering, Milling, Grinding and Finalizing of products, have to do multi-task work.